Can you help 1st Grimsargh Scout Group?

Are you the person we are looking for? Or do you know someone who may be able to help?

1st Grimsargh Scout Group is an integral part of the community life of the village. It is a long established, very active Group. It has a strong programme of events and activities ensuring that the young people of Grimsargh have the opportunity to take part in a full Scouting calendar throughout the year.

The Beaver Scouts – Cub Scouts and Scout section are all supported by a dedicated group of Leaders. The Adults who help support the Group, come from a wide age range and from all sections of the community and workplace. But as I am sure you know – people change jobs – or move away – and so, find that they have less time to volunteer.

A Scout Group does not only need adults to work with the young people, it needs a team to help manage the Group. A few months ago, Adrian Hale and his wife Jen moved abroad with their jobs. Adrian was the Group Scout Leader and Jen was the Group Treasurer. These two management roles are very important to the success of a healthy Group.

The role of the Group Scout Leader is as a ” Manager” of the Group and as such he or she leads, helps and supports the adults in the Group, also ensuring that the care and safety of the young people is paramount to the scouting programme.

The Group Treasurer looks after the finances of the Group. An excellent and easily understood system has been put in place by Jen before she left.

Both these roles will have the support from the District Team, as with any one taking out a new role in Scouting. If you feel that you can make the most of this opportunity to make a difference to the young people of Grimsargh or you would like more information about the roles, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.


District Commissioner:   Judith Jamieson

Tel No:  01772 774027