Consultation on Proposed Sites for the Local Plan


Many of you will remember the last extensive exercise to draw up the Central Lancashire Core Strategy, which was adopted in 2012. This is now under review and there are a series of consultations taking part. One is on a series of sites that have been suggested be considered for development.

As before, there are a number within Grimsargh. We successfully opposed the majority of these being incorporated into the Core Strategy last time. We will be formulating our views, with your help, for this round of the discussions and debate.

You can find all the comprehensive details of the process via the website:

One of the key current elements of the consultations is entitled "Issues and Options" - this gives the details of the sites that have, so far, been put forward. You can find the full details for all sites through the above website, or cut to those in Preston Rural East, by this link:

For Grimsargh they are as follows:

Reference Address Area(Ha) Proposed Use  
CLCFS00005 Land South of Whittingham Lane, Grimsargh, PR2 5LZ 2.94 Housing
CLCFS00179 Land at Three Mile Cross Farm, Longridge Road, Grimsargh, Preston, PR2 5SA 18.38 Housing
CLCFS00189 Land at Church House Farm, Preston Road, Grimsargh, PR2 5SD 8.68 Housing
CLCFS00199 Land East of Preston Road, Grimsargh, PR2 5LU 15.47 Housing
CLCFS00233 Grimsargh House, Preston Road, Grimsargh, PR2 5JP 0.56 Housing
CLCFS00410 Land South of Whittingham Lane, Grimsargh, PR2 5SL 8.20 Housing
CLCFS00569b Land South of Whittingham Lane, Grimsargh, PR2 5SL 8.14 Housing
CLCFS00526b 231 Preston Rd, Grimsargh, Preston, PR2 5JR 0.72 Protection
CLCFS00545b Land to the rear of Grimsargh Village Hal, 231 Preston Road, Grimsargh, Preston PR2 5JR 0.72 Protection

If you go on the site and check the associated maps, you will see that there are some duplications in the sites listed. We can probably imagine the reactions many of you will have to the locations being put forward for housing. However, there is a process to be gone through and we will engage thoroughly with the process.

There is a details consultation which you can yourselves complete - it is extensive - 68 questions - but an excellent opportunity for you to have your say. 

We shall be studying the sites and also referring back to our submissions for the previous Core Strategy Consultation, together with the responses that were given at that time.

The closing date for responses is 14th February. The Parish Council will be discussing the matter at our next meeting on Thursday 9th January.

Watch this space......