Dog Fouling on the Increase?

Dog fouling notice

A number of people have approached us recently to complain about increasing levels of dog fouling in the village – pavements, grassed areas and footpaths. Indeed we have noticed it ourselves. 

Why you should ALWAYS clear up promptly after your dog:

Dog waste is not only an extremely unpleasant and unwelcome commodity it is also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria (Campylobacter and Salmonella) and other forms of infection.

The most damaging of these is caused by the roundworm Toxocara canis. The eggs of this parasite are present in much dog waste and although initially not infectious, once the eggs hatch they pose serious health risks to any individual unlucky enough to ingest infected soil.

The effects of Toxocariasis range from mild flu like symptoms that often go undiagnosed to a more worrying form that affects the eye and can lead to permanent blindness.

So those are the risks for the “victims” of dog fouling. The risk for the guilty party is a £50 fixed penalty notice, with the possibility of a court case and up to £1,000 fine.

Most dog owners are responsible and do clear up after their dog. Sometimes one may genuinely not have spotted where the dog has “been” – many people will feel confident enough to help them out there and point it out…..some may not.

We are asking everyone living in this area to:

a)         Please ensure that you always clear up immediately after your dog. There is no excuse for not doing so.

b)         Help us to identify any culprits who /are failing to be good neighbour and who are also breaking the law.

If you are aware that someone is persistently offending, then the responsible thing to do is to report them – firstly to Preston City Council, and if they are unable to do anything, to the police (contact details given below).

To those dog owners who are less careful, the message is simple:

It’s your (dog’s) mess – clear it up!!

To report a problem to Preston City Council:

To contact the local police, PCSO David Reid – email: