Gladman Application is Refused

As we reported, the Planning Officer's report to the Planning Committee summarising the details of the Gladman planning application had the conclusion "minded to approve". This caused us and many of you considerable concerns, as we felt there was a great deal of evidence to indicate that the application was in conflict with the Development Plan and therefore should be refused.

One of the ongoing discussions through recent planning applications in Grimsargh (and indeed the rest of Preston), has been the City Council's position in respect of the 5 year supply of housing land. There has been previously a shortfall, that was a key determining factor in the Wainhomes appeal.

However, since that time, new applications have been passed and considerable work has been done by Preston City Council on establishing more housing land. That Preston City Council now have a 5 year supply of housing land, has been confirmed in principle by the Inspector for the Public Examination of the Preston Local Plan. It is accepted that the 5 year supply issue is a "rolling" requirement, but this is the position at this point in time.

The Planning Committee considered the application at their meeting on Monday 2nd March 2015. Representations were made to the Committee against the application by local resident Mark Goodwin (of law firm DLA Piper), Parish Councillor Eileen Murray and City Councillor Neil Cartwright.

The Committee clearly agreed with the views that the proposal was demonstrably in conflict with the Development Plan and should, therefore, be refused. When it came to the vote, it was 15 -1 for refusing the application.

Therefore, we are delighted to report that this application has been refused.

We do not know if Gladman will appeal the decision. However, as the Preston Local Plan proceeds through the final consultation phased towards becoming adopted, the case against this proposal can only become stronger.



(Article published 4th March 15)