Preston Local Plan Submitted to Secretary of State for Examination

Many of you will be aware of and have even taken part in the Central Lancashire Core Strategy Development. The Core Strategy was finalised and adopted in July in 2012. Those of you who have been following closely will know that there is still another part of the policy definition that is yet to be finalised - the Preston Local Plan, which identifies the specific areas earmarked for particular types of development: housing, business, recreation, etc. 

This has now been submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination.

A copy of the Notice of Submission, which contains some more details can be downloaded here.

The documents associated with the Preston Local Plan, including the Policies Map and details of the individual submissions made in response to the draft, can be found on Preston City Council's website.

  Preston Local Plan 2012-14 - snapshot of Grimsargh