Wain Homes - Objection Guidelines

Nearly 80 residents attended the public meeting on the Wain Homes Development proposals, at Grimsargh Village Hall on Wednesday 28th August. All views expressed were strongly in objection to the development proposals.


After the public discussions, Grimsargh Parish Council Planning Sub-Committee held their meeting to agree our response to the objection, a copy of which can be downloaded here.


It is anticipated that a number of residents will also wish to submit their own objections to the proposals.

We always advise people to only use their own words in compiling any submission. In summary, items you may wish to consider:

  • The proposal directly contravenes Policy 19 of the Central Lancashire Core Strategy, which seeks to “Protect the identity and local distinctiveness of certain settlements and neighbourhoods by designation of Areas of Separation”. Grimsargh is one of the settlements cited and the site is within the Area of Separation specified in the Site Allocations DPD, which will shortly be subject to examination by the Planning Inspectorate.an
  • The proposal is also directly in conflict with Policy DC10 of the Preston Local Plan as it is outside of the Settlement Development Boundary identified for Grimsargh.
  • Traffic generally through the village at peak times is already unacceptable.
  • The junction with the main B6243 will be unsuitable for the additional traffic. When the Redrow estate was built (200 properties) it was necessary to add a new roundabout. This development would make it 210 properties accessing via this junction.
  • The spur off Ribblesdale Drive intended for access to the development is somewhat less than 5m in width – unsuitable for the passage of cars and (for example) refuse wagons.
  • There are considerable issues with flooding in this area. A number of properties adjacent to the proposal site regular experience problems and the provisions described in the proposals documentation for surface water drainage will not be adequate.
  • The local primary schools are full.


Please note that any and all adults may submit an objection – it is not limited to one per household. Objections can be submitted in one of three ways:


  • Online – on Preston City Council website . On their website, click where it says “Make a comment on this application”. You can write your comments there.
  • Via email to: devcon@preston.gov.uk. Ensure that you include the application reference number 06/2013/0533, together with your name and address. 
  • Via post to: Planning Department, Town Hall, Lancaster Road, Preston, PR1 2RL. Ensure that you include the application reference number 06/2013/0533, together with your name and address


Preston City Council gave us an official revised date of the 2nd September for objections. However at the meeting at the Village Hall, Planning Officer, Phil Cousins stated that, with a major development such as this, they would continue to take count of any submissions beyond this date – up to about 2 weeks before the Planning Committee date. The earliest date that this application can go before the Committee is the 30th September. He also stated that more than one submission can be made by one individual – if, for example new relevant information is acquired, this can be forwarded.