Walk 5 - Cow Hill Round

This is a really delightful short stroll - perfect for a post-Sunday lunch amble or just after church, while the roast is in the oven!

The route can be viewed on the following maps:

  • OS Landranger Map No 102 – 1:50,000 scale
  • OS Explorer Map No 286 – 1:25,000 scale – preferable for walking

 The walk is described starting from St Michaels Church:

The "official" public right of way goes down the drive to Church House Farm. However, a diversion has been in place for some time now, which is signposted into the field just to the left of the drive.

You can take either route - along the drive and over the stile at the end, or over the first stile into the field.

From where you can enjoy the views out over open countryside. Turn right, following the fence until you reach the end of the farm buildings then turn right & left again.

  Footpath pass Church House Farm

Then you will walk through this charming shrub-lined glade.

  Shrubby Glade

This will bring you to the edge of the route of the old railway line. Go down the rough steps and up the other side.

From there go slightly right towards the bottom corner of the field.

  Down and over the route of the old railway

There you will see the first of two footbridges you'll cross on this walk.

It is a pretty little bridge - though a little overgrown. 

  First footbridge

After crossing the footbridge, turn immediately right. You'll be treated to views up to the rear of St Michaels Church.

  Rear view of St Michaels

After a couple of hundred yards you will see a second footbridge on the left.

Cross this bridge - which is also somewhat blocked by a tree. However, as it was full of spring birds on the day these photographs were taken, perhaps the tree should be left as it is......

  Second footbridge

After crossing that footbridge go up the hill towards the top right hand corner.

The ground here looked as though wellies would be advised on a wet day!

Go through the gap in the hedge.

  Wellies required when wet!

Carry on straight up, keeping the buildings on the right, towards the gate in the corner of the field.

Next to the gate is a stile. Cross over this into the grounds of Goose Hall. Walk along until you reach the drive - turn left and walk up to the road.

You are now on Cow Hill.

  Stile over into Goose Hall

Just a few yards on the right you will see this footpath sign. On the spring day this was a delightful scene with the aubretia from the cottage next to it and views over on to Longridge Fell.

You can, if you choose, continue along Cow Hill, to Whittingham Lane, turn right and return to the Village via the Green. 

 However, on this day we crossed over the "stile" (the cross bar was missing - will endeavour to get this repaired....). 

  Aubretia and Longridge Fell

Keep straight along the left of the hedge - crossing this drainage channel.

  Drainage channel

Keep following the hedge. You may feel as though you are reaching a dead end, but as you get close to the next hedge you will find a gap with a hidden stile.

Cross and continue straight with the hedge now on the left.

  Hidden stile

You may find yourself sharing the field with some restful cows......

  Relaxing cows

You will cross another stile and then find yourself seeing St Michaels School from a side you're probably not used to.

  Back of St Michaels School

Then you're over the final stile and back on to Preston Road. Turn right and you'll go back along the road to St Michaels Church and the start of the walk.

  Back on to Preston Road