Broadband Access

Update June 2014: This project was closed out some time ago, but it is felt appropriate to provide an update. There has been considerable progress on the provision of broadband services in this area with a number of independent "wireless" providers, together with "fibre to the cabinet" services being available from the main suppliers.

Some properties within the Grimsargh parish suffer from problems of very low broadband speeds - some indeed have no broadband access at all. In today's modern environment, where so much of public services, social interactivities and business practices are carried out via the internet, this can be a significant disadvantage.

Grimsargh Parish Council recently carried out a survey asking residents to measure their broadband download speed and forward the information to be collated. 86 households took part in the survey and the following chart shows the results:

We must thank all those residents who provided results to this survey stated in our last newsletter.

The results clearly identify the variety of broadband speeds available across Grimsargh with adequate speeds (up to 2Mb) at the Western edge of the village around The Hills to exceptionally low speeds for those residents of Elston Lane. These results have been plotted on a map which can be found viewed by clicking this link.

The summary of these survey results can now be used as proof that a real disparity of broadband speeds exist within Grimsargh and the Parish Council can now illustrate the problem to BT, Virgin Media, Sky and any other broadband supplier which we lobby. We do have a distinct advantage in Grimsargh in that the Ribbleton Telephone Exchange, which feeds Grimsargh, also feeds Red Scar Industrial Estate, Roman Way Industrial Estate and Millennium City Park. As these business centres continue to grow and attract additional business, those resident businesses will demand greater broadband provision from suppliers such as BT which will hopefully mean the upgrade of infrastructure and thus have a positive effect on our own villages’ broadband speeds.

The Parish Council continue to work towards improving broadband provision for all areas of Grimsargh and will start to work more closely with neighbouring villages who are also experiencing similar issues (ie. Cottam, Goosnargh, Woodplumpton). Working collaboratively and with Preston Council and Lancashire County Council, it is hoped to utilise Lancashire County Council’s new IT Strategic Partner, namely BT, to improve broadband speeds and push towards new technology such as superfast Fibre optic broadband To The Home. Grimsargh Parish Council is also encouraged to hear of new and emerging companies who are starting to offer high-speed wireless broadband to areas of the Ribble Valley including Grimsargh.

Finally, if any resident and, especially, any self-employed business resident in Grimsargh experiences real issues relating to poor or no broadband coverage, please contact Councillor Ellis or any Parish Councillor and we shall endeavour to assist where we can.