Community Engagement

A Working Group was established in December 2009, to investigate and recommend ways for Grimsargh Parish Council to improve the awareness of and involvement in Parish Council lead activities.

One of the key things that resulted was the setting up of this website! We are delighted with its success - it gets around 450 unique visitors (i.e. not just repeat visits) a month and that number is increasing on an ongoing basis.

Other items we have looked at:

  • Suggestion Scheme - there is now a box in the Post Office for people to "post" suggestions or questions for the Parish Council
  • Internet "Drop-In" Sessions - these were trialled to enable those without internet facilities to find out what services were available online and to signpost to places that would give ongoing internet access provision
  • Youth Council - various options for developing this have been considered, but not seen as readily feasible. Perhaps you have more ideas? Of so, contact our Clerk, Sue Whittam.
  • Community Event Co-ordination Group - following on from the success of "Grimsargh Celebrates Preston Guild" in 2012, it is thought that having a group to help coordinate events - prevent clashes, share good ideas, marketing, etc., could be this space!
  • What next? If you have thoughts on other ways we could engage with the Community and get more interaction between residents, do let us know - contact our Clerk, Sue Whittam.

The group continues to put forward proposals for agreement by the full Council.