The Parish Plan

The Grimsargh Parish Plan was a major project initiated in 2003 by the Parish Council who gathered a Steering Committee to carry out the work required in the Parish Plan process. Aided by a grant from the Countrywide Agency, a questionnaire was compiled and circulated to every household within the Grimsargh boundary. 400 completed responses were received, which amounted to a 45% return - an excellent response.

The answers were processed and analysed and then incorporated into the Parish Plan which was subsequently distributed to residents.

The completed Parish Plan, including statistical information, can be downloaded here (note - 4.7MB, therefore will take a little time to download). For assistance with pdfs go to our User Guidance page.

The following is a summary of the key points within the plan:

Subject Aims What is needed
Housing To keep Grimsargh as a Village. Stop any significant housing development. Prevent any large scale development. Prepare a scheme to denote areas of absolute prohibition of development to preserve Rural aspects. Consider needs for sheltered and low-cost housing schemes for the local community.
Crime and Safety To reassure residents and make Grimsargh a safer place to live. Re-launch small Neighbourhood Watch Schemes. Police to recruit more Patrols or Special Constables. Utilise Community Volunteering Officers. Lighting on the Old Railway Footpath. CCTV cameras in appropriate locations. Regular Police and Community (PACT) meetings. Form a Traffic Management Group.
Transport To make roads safer for pedestrians, especially the elderly and children, cyclists and motorists. Investigate traffic calming measures. Consider the need for a Bypass. Provide a car park in the Village centre / near the school. Improve facilities for cyclists. Publicise Voluntary Car Service - contact names of volunteers. Increase number of sites for Community Speed Cameras.
Environment and Planning To ensure that Grimsargh is an environmentally friendly place to live. More litter and dog-waste bins. Further planting schemes. Improve children's play area on the Village Green. Form an Environment Study Group. Improve the Village name signs. Upgrade Old Railway Walk, its environs and provide lighting.
Health and Services To provde better facilities and services, particularly for the youth of the Village. Seek employment/provision of a Qualified Youth Worker. Police consultation. Use of Community Wardens. Village Hall development to cater for a wider range of activities. Form a Youth Study Group. Expand facilities for older residents. 
Leisure To improve the facilities for leisure pursuits. To encourage and recruit volunteers for group activities. Improve the drainage and facilities of the Village Green. Liaise with Village Hall Committee about its future proposals for the development of the Hall and provision of a wider range of uses. Get in touch with volunteers and promote leisure activities.
 General  To keep residents informed about the Parish Council and other agency activities. Produce more frequent Newsletters. Improve information on Notice Boards. Advertise Police contact details. Attempt to create "Local Representatives" workshops.