Planter Adoption Scheme

What it is About:

In 2010 we invited groups and individuals to "adopt" one of the planters around the Village. A light-hearted competition was devised and the scheme has proved very enjoyable. There have been some changes of ownership and the current "parents" are given below.

2013 Planter Photographs

The Winners (in ascending order):

Grimsargh Players' Planter 2013 Gardening Club Planter 2013 Eileen Murray's Planter 2013


The Other Entrants:

Brownies Planter 2013 Grimsargh Pre-School Planter 2013 Peter Croft's Planter 1 2013
Cricket Club Planter 2013 Field Day Committee Planter 2013 Peter Croft's Planter 2 2013


2012 Competition Winner

Fabulous planter on a 2012 theme from the Gardening Club:

        Gardening Club Planter 2012

The 2013 planters will be judged towards the end of July/early August and results will be posted here.

If you would perhaps like to take on the care of the planters in future, contact our Clerk, Sue Whittam to register your interest.

2012 Competition Results

2011 Competition Results

Planter Locations and  2013 "Owners":

Map of Planters 2013


Sloping “Welcome to Grimsargh” Signs

1    Longridge Road – west side, by the Hills. Field Day Committee

2    Whittingham Lane, south side. The Cricket Club

3    Preston Road, south-east side, near Boundary Cottage. The Gardening Club

Rectangular Troughs

4    By bus-stop, Preston Road, west side, near St Michaels Church. Eileen Murray

5    Along Railway Walk between the skew bridge and the Plough – nearest to the bridge. Parish Council

6    As above – nearest to the Plough. Parish Council

7    Large square, on the green. Grimsargh Players

8    Next to the Village Hall, left-hand side. Peter Croft

9    NEW – yet to be constructed, next to the Village Hall, right-hand side. Grimsargh Pre-School

10  Preston Road, west side, opposite Boundary Cottage, a little south of the “Welcome to Grimsargh” sign. Grimsargh St Michaels First Brownie Pack

Grimsargh Green Sign

11  Planter beneath this sign. Peter Croft


The half barrels in the centre of the Village did not get adopted as part of the scheme, but are being maintained by the Parish Council.