"Redrow" Residents Association

As a result of a project between Preston City Council, Grimsargh Parish Council and the residents, The "Redrow" estate has its own Residents Assocation (RRA).

Contact Details:

Chairperson - Terri Whitehouse - e-mail:-  tmwhitehouse@hotmail.com

Secretary - Mandy Coupe - e-mail:-  coupejohns@sky.com

Treasurer - David Nicholson - e-mail:-  david.nicholson@grimsarghparishcouncil.org Tel:- 01772 798896

Next Meeting

Date - Thursday 12th September 2013

Venue - Grimsargh Village Hall (Small meeting room) - 8.00pm.

All residents welcome.

A bit about the history:

Preston City Council (PCC) set up a "Drop-in" session for residents of this estate in June 2011. Together with the PCC Community Engagement team members, there were a number of City Councillors and Parish Councillors present.

A good number of residents attended the session and there were clearly a series of issues that caused concern or were of common interest.

As a result, it was agreed that Grimsargh Parish Council would help to support the residents of the estate in setting up a coordinated group, possible a Residents Association, to come together to get actions on some of the issues, and together help to improve the community environment for all.

After a number of meetings, it was agreed to form the RRA, which now has a number of successful projects under its belt.